1-day Intelligent English

The 1-day Intelligent English conference is packed with tips, tricks, and "insider information" to strengthen your professional English for telephoning, e-mailing, business discussions and socialising.


Paul Smith demonstrates effective techniques, tools, and tips to rapidly improve your professional English.

31 March 2017 (Fri)

Hotel Koenigshof
Karlsplatz 25
80335 Munich

Tel. 089-55 136-0

Target group

German-speaking professionals who want to quickly improve their English: managers, knowledge workers, PAs and secretaries, technical and support staff who need English at work for international client-handling, meetings and discussions, business presentations, telephoning or e-mailing,....

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What is "Intelligent English"?

A lot of time is wasted in classical language learning. We often invest energy in learning the wrong material in the wrong way. "Intelligent English" focusses on effective learning and communication strategies developed and improved during hundreds of international PSA management seminars.

Paul will lead you systematically through 7 different "systems" involving wordpower development, mistake correction, confident speaking, relationship-building, diplomacy, handling difficult speakers, and effective learning. At each stage you will be able to benchmark your language against British-American and other German native speakers of English.

At the end of the conference you will be able to immediately apply your new learnings to practical, on-the-job situations.

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8.30 "It starts before it starts" (Robert Anton Wilson)
Registration and Check-in
with coffee and croissants
09.00 "The main problem with communication is
the illusion that it has taken place" (Abraham Maslow)
Intelligent English
What you can expect today - the objectives, content and method of "Intelligent English".
10.00 "Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind" (Rudyard Kipling)
The Power of Words
How many words do you know, how many do you need?
What are the most efficient ways to build your general and professional vocabulary in the shortest time?
You will leave this conference with new insights about how to remember useful words and idioms through the "Frequency Rule" and "Instant Memory".
11.00 "Language is the light of the mind" (John Stuart Mill)
Fluent and Sophisticated Speaking
Professional newsreaders, show-hosts and actors use a wide range of useful techniques to develop their confidence, fluency and accuracy. Why not apply the same methods to develop your own English?
Paul demonstrates the "BBC Method" for helping you speak like a professional.
12.00 "When things are equal, people buy from friends. When things are unequal, people still buy from friends. Therefore, make friends!" (Mark McCormack)
Intelligent Small Talk
Greetings, names, introductions, small-talk, social conversation, humour,... are important elements of client relationship-building. All these behaviours follow defined rules and protocols. What are the key skills and procedures you need to know when meeting clients, colleagues and business partners from different countries?
12.45 "Never negotiate with a hungry business partner" (Chester Karrass)
Business Lunch Buffet
Discuss the morning programme with other delegates.
14.00 "Britain and America are a single country divided by a common language" (Oscar Wilde)
Handling Difficult Speakers
You may feel handicapped when trying to make your point in English, especially in the presence of British or American speakers. Your range of expression, your power level, your impact is lower than when speaking your native language. However, there are some surprising psychological advantages to a weaker linguistic position. Paul shows you how to deal with stronger speakers by playing the "Foreigner Card" to full effect..
14.45 "A good negotiator is someone who can tell you to 'go to hell' in such a way that you are looking forward to the trip" (Henry Kissinger)
Use Politeness and Diplomacy
How can you present bad news in the best light? What are the best ways to say "no" politely? How can you best deal with difficult people and still maintain the relationship? Paul reveals how British understatement, politeness and diplomacy is applied to sensitive situations on the telephone, in writing or face-to-face.
15.15 "We lost because we made too many wrong mistakes" (legendary NY baseball player)
Correct your Mistakes
Many grammatical, pronunciation and vocabulary mistakes are harmless, even charming! Others can be business critical. In over twenty years of observing German native speakers in international business, Paul and his associates have identified the "100 Top Misunderstandings" in Anglo-German business. Discover what they are, and how to avoid them.
16.15 "My education started the day I left school" (Mark Twain)
Learning Learning
Who has time these days for study and learning? Yet besides the demands of daily business, we need to keep up-to-date and constantly learn new skills. Our competence in international English is a clear success factor in a global marketplace. What are the intelligent, on-the-job options for keeping your English fit? Paul closes the conference with an inventory of proven strategies for the further development of your English.
17.00 "It is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. It is however, the end of the beginning." (Winston Churchill)
End of Conference

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Paul Smith and his associates already developed interactive management learning to a fine art in the 1980s and 1990s. PSA International has won high acclaim from top companies and seminar participants throughout Europe, the USA, and Asia. It is now recognized as the leading consultancy in seminar design and trainer-training.

Drawing on over 25 years' experience in international management training, Paul delivers high-value messages in his distinctly "entertraining" way. Each conference module is accompanied by special micro-tests, practice activities, documentation and reference materials.

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Your Trainer

Paul Smith is head of PSA International and has been training European professionals for over 20 years. He has a post-graduate Master's Degree in visual communication and educational technology from London's Royal College of Art.

PSA delivers management training to top international companies and has worked with leading European training agencies including Management Center Europe (Brussels), Zentrum für Unternehmensführung (Zürich), Stockholm and Oxford Universities, The British Council, and over 20 different German IHKs.

Paul was for 4 years Chairman of the highly successful English Public Speaking Competition sponsored by The Financial Times Europe and the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

He is a faculty member of the Center for Global Dialogue in Zürich, one of Europe's top institutions for innovation in corporate learning. His articles on business communication appear in the popular English magazine Spotlight, Business Spotlight and Handelsblatt.

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Typical Customer Quotes

    "Habe schon viele Kurse, Seminare usw. besucht, aber noch nie sowas genial einfaches, perfekt zweckmässiges und angenehm leicht verdauliches gesehen. Eine Spitzenleistung! Congratulations!"

    "Organisation und Zusammenarbeit des Veranstalters und der Seminarleiter war hervorragend, ebenso deren Engagement. Es wurden in sehr komprimierter Form viel Wissen und praktische Tips vermittelt, dies gleichzeitig auf so lebhafte und interessante Art, daß das Lernen Spass machte."

"Lebhafter und anschaulicher kann man Englisch nicht gestalten."

"Höchst empfehlenswertes Training, das nicht nur Spass macht, sondern wirklich etwas bringt".

"Ideenreich und pfiffig präsentiert!"

"Ein irrsinnig gut organisierter Kurs, sehr gut aufgebaut und lehrreich."

"Art und Weise, wie der Lehrstoff vermittelt wurde, war phänomenal!"

"Einblick in Kultur, Höflichkeit, different way of life, gegenseitiges Verständnis erhalten."

"Man empfand das Lernen nicht als Belastung, sondern wurde fast 'süchtig'!"

"Keine Ermüdungserscheinungen, sondern ständige und konzentrierte Aufnahme des Stoffes."

"Man ist nie vor einer Überraschung sicher."

"Ausgezeichnete Qualifikation der Trainer."

"Dieses Seminar war für mich das beste, das ich je besucht habe."

"Das war das kurzweiligste, interessanteste und effektivste Seminar, das ich in den letzten Jahren gemacht habe."

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Registration & price

You will receive an auto-reply by e.mail - your final confirmation and invoice will follow by post before the seminar. You may cancel your registration without cost up to 30 days before the event, thereafter the full fee is payable. You may nominate a substitute at any time, without charge. The conference price of Euro 495,-- + MwSt includes reference material, certificate, business lunch, and coffee.

Special reduction for 2 or more persons from the same organization (Euro 445.- + MwSt per person)

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